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What is Internet Marketing?

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Definition of Marketing: The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Internet marketing is rather self-explained! It refers to the use of internet to market your products and services. It is a common misunderstanding though that all is needed to market your business online is a domain name and a hosted website. With countless websites going live each day, a single website is only another drop in the global ocean of information.

Who are your visitors?

A website can be a great presentation for your products or services. Text descriptions, images, videos and audio content can present every aspect of your business to anyone with an internet connection and anywhere. Although this is a website’s potentiality, this usually is not the standard case. So the real question is and should be: Who visits your site? Is it your friends and your family? Is it your existing customers? Is it someone who typed your domain from your business card? If the answer to the former questions is yes, then that IS NOT internet marketing, since the medium of promoting and selling IS NOT the internet but the geographical location of your business!
Internet marketing involves all the strategies and skills that are going to promote your business to strangers that have never heard about you. Internet of course is extremely competitive nowadays but it is definitely worth it to find your ideal spot along with the other online businesses since there is one huge difference comparing internet and traditional marketing.

Internet Marketing is Permission Marketing

Traditional marketing is based on interruption, while internet marketing is based on permission. The web is by definition the global information platform. Consequently, the web user is someone who seeks for information. He seeks for your products! He seeks for your services, providing you with a great opportunity to market where you are needed!

Your audience is out there and it's all about getting on the mic!

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Internet marketing is carried out through two main axes, the one of passive communication and the other of active communication.

Passive communication (meaning that the trigger of the promoting action is pulled by the searcher and not the business owner) includes SEO and SEM. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of enhancing the online visibility of a website in the search engines organic results. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the promotion of a website in the search engine results through paid advertisements.

Active communication (meaning that the trigger of the promoting action is pulled by the business owner himself) is the use of social communities where the business owner watches and engages in conversations, provides useful content and gradually establishes himself as an expert in his field!

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