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Email Deliverability: The summary!
Andreas Batsis / Friday, October 30, 2020 / Categories: Effective

Email Deliverability: The summary!

You spend time composing your emails. Why on earth would you let your efforts go in vain? It’s rather dark inside those spam boxes.

Well, here is the compact list with 27 tips that you can use to make your emails more visible:


  1. Don't use emails that you ‘ve acquired through buying, renting or scrapping.
  2. Stop emailing people that have bounced repeatedly.
  3. Never use ALL CAPS inside the subject or the body. (In fact, never use ALL CAPS)
  4. Stop using multiple exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Never use video, flash or javascript in your emails. 
  6. Don’t embed forms in the body.
  7. Avoid including attachments. A call-to-action with a cloud link can be much better.
  8. Avoid spam-trigger words. You know, all the words that you stumble upon inside your own spam folder.
  9. Never use red font color.
  10. Always use a spell checker. Unprofessional content should not be delivered.
  11. Avoid keyword stuffing and heavy use of jargon. Simplicity is key.
  12. Don’t stuff your email with images, especially if their size is big. 

And the DOs

  1. Get in the habit of cleaning and selectively silencing your email list.
  2. Always use double opt-in for your subscribers.
  3. Ask your subscribers to add you to their address book.
  4. Always offer include a clear unsubscribe link.
  5. Always respect unsubscribe requests.
  6. Use a familiar sender name.
  7. Include your recipient’s name in the "To:" field.
  8. Offer your recipients both an HTML and a plain text version of your emails.
  9. Offer the chance for your recipient to view the email in a browser.
  10. Complete the alt text for your email images.
  11. Keep your emails minimal.
  12. Keep in mind that emails are mostly read in mobile devices. Test and preview your emails for commonly used devices.
  13. Get an email sender accreditation from a third party.
  14. Monitor the reputation of your sender's IP address.
  15. Always stay up-to-date on changes in email sending laws, ISP behavior, and spam filter technology.

Read the full article for extra information.

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