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Do you annoy random audiences?

Stop it! You are spending your money for nothing.

INSTEAD A comic strip showing bad audience targeting

Do you use hateful messaging?

Stop it! It's disrespectful for your prospects and customers.

INSTEAD A comic strip showing awful messaging

Behave well.
Stop annoying, provide solutions, focus on results and get the job done!


All-in-one Digital Presence

Using uncommon strategies that last!


Business Website

Get your business website in the spotlight, up and running, as your online foundation. Armed with multiple communication channels, fully editable content, cross-posting automations and a rich data repository.

Content Blogging

Get your next generation blogging platform and fuel your content using your own niche-related curation inbox. Publishing has never been easier.

Online Visibility

Climb up the search results and gain significant traffic from those who search for your products and services. Web 3.0 ready and authority-based sustainable SEO.


Local Authority

Dominate the relevant search results for local search terms. Get found in keywords, local map listings, "snack pack" results and any other local SEO channel.

Social Presence

Effectively build your community and operate your social networks using all the best practices that will enable you to stop annoying and start connecting.

Smart Advertising

Setup and operate your online Facebook and Google advertising with emphasis on conversions and keeping your budgets as low as possible. Stop being click-n-like happy and invest your money on effectiveness.

PR Global Marketing

Communicate your next product, your innovative service, your strategic partnership and your startup idea: 1. All over the world, 2 in less than no time, 3 using the best global, niche-targeted press release wires.


Traffic Monitoring

Measure everything that matters! Get to know your audience, effectively track your campaigns, analyze your visitors' behavior and customize your analytics in order to extract meaningful conclusions regarding your online business. Feed the process again and again with quality data!

Bulletproof Cloud

Fully redundant network! Secure your online business and assets and become GDPR compliable, using the world's leading software, in minimum effort, time and money. Get your ultra-secure cloud infrastructure, setup your personal and server backups and automate disaster recoveries against ANYTHING (operating errors, hacking and ransomware attacks, software and hardware failures, even accidents and terrorist attacks in your datacenter).

From the blog...

Facebook Ads do not convert. Let us switch to #StopHateForProfit!

Facebook Ads do not convert. Let us switch to #StopHateForProfit!

Brands take a stand against Facebook’s power, demanding more control over sources that carry messages of hatred, racism, divisive discourse, and any tone of voice that is not politically correct.  In the name of ethics over profit!

And it makes me wonder. Are billion and trillion companies ready to give up that easily on such a profitable communication channel and the (abnormal concept, if you ask me, of) sustainable development?

July 2, 2020 - Comments

and my fast lane feed.

Exponetial is a Myth

Exponetial is a Myth

Exponential growth is a myth. And the actual equation is:

Elephant Curve * Layer-cake of Elephant-curve Campaigns = Quadratic Growth

August 22, 2023 - Comments
Nine New Nasty UX Truths

Nine New Nasty UX Truths

This should be the core knowledge for every UX designer and the core demand for any UX client.

Today, UX needs to help us regain the humanity that made our lives richer, before we got stuck on tech.

August 11, 2021 - Comments
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