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Nine New Nasty UX Truths
Andreas Batsis / Wednesday, August 11, 2021 / Categories: Uncommon Wisdom

Nine New Nasty UX Truths

Awkward truths!

This should be the core knowledge for every UX designer and the core demand for any UX client.

A truly great article revealing hard-won insights that nobody dares to expose. Here are the principles:

  • Design systems come as concentrated wisdom. Every UX designer should use them.
  • A no-reply email is always a missed opportunity to acquire valuable feedback.
  • ROI in UX design is hard to calculate. That said, it’s very easy for anyone to fall into the trap of underinvesting in the single most important thing that grows relationships. UX ROI is huge. And the effective way to calculate it accurately is the GFY algorithm.
  • AI and Machine Learning can never reach empathy. Inside an ever-changing world of problems, AI can lead to some quick wins. And that is the top of AI success. As the author suggests: Angry users are to AI what abandoned carts are to e-commerce: The pathway to success.
  • UX for a bad business cause is not a UX. It’s a fraud! And that is why…
  • Good designers don’t work for their employers. They fight for the clients.
  • This is probably the most important phrase in this article: Today, UX needs to help us regain the humanity that made our lives richer, before we got stuck on tech.
  • Embrace UX designers that stand for the aforementioned principle.

Read on... And pin it here as a reference:

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