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Is group chat making you sweat?
Andreas Batsis / Wednesday, July 25, 2018 / Categories: The Social Landscape

Is group chat making you sweat?

Excellent article with all the pros and cons of the group chat culture!

Here is the synopsis...


  1. Toss an idea quickly.
  2. Present time-sensitive information and alerts quiicly.
  3. Have fun.
  4. Develop the sense of belonging, especially when working remotely.

And now for the CONS

  1. Mental fatigue and exhaustion.
  2. A useless and high distractive ASAP culture.
  3. Irrational fear of missing out or not having a say.
  4. Thinking a line at a time rather than a thought at a time.
  5. A devious implied consensus.
  6. Knee-jerk responses.
  7. Pile-ons and devolving conversations.
  8. Rambling and repetition.
  9. Possible over-informing.
  10. That sense of chasing something undefined.
  11. Difficulty to communicate a coherent thought.
  12. Unnecessary reading.
  13. Partial attention to any other task.
  14. Extreme difficulty to summarize the discussions.
  15. Lack of context.
  16. Presence indicators generate false assumptions, and expectations.
  17. Huge communication difficulties across time-zones.

NOW, read on for the solution!

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