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Men, Power, Money, and Sex
Andreas Batsis / Saturday, June 8, 2019 / Categories: Politically Correct Cancer

Men, Power, Money, and Sex

An interview with men's advocate, Warren Farrell.

Here is some heavy mythbusting on the Male Power narrative.

A great interview with Warren Farrell with so many great wordings! Here is the list of the best:

The myth of power

Many men still buy into a false definition of power: feeling obligated to earn money that someone else spends while we die sooner—5.2 years sooner. That’s not power. That’s being a prisoner of the need for love and approval.

The myth of pay gap

Men don’t earn more than women. Dads earn more than moms.
(Oh yes, there is a great explanation behind the claim!)

The myth of happiness

For many dads, the road to high pay is not about power; it’s about his hope to make his children’s life better than his.

The paranoia behind rape as a culture

  • Our society strives for equality but few experts are asking women to share the responsibility for taking the initiative in sex, thereby risking rejection.
  • A slight change in eye contact means everything in a male-female encounter but would be laughed at in court.

All in all, a truly great interview. Read on...

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