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Learn Modern SEO by Returning to the High School

How do you detect the human response? It’s really simple. Bring a few, carefully selected, animals with you. A penguin and 25 panda bears will do the job.

Google’s empire was built on the perfection of the Google Search Engine. Fast, reliable, smart search results connecting many petabytes of information, is the concept behind the great success of the colorful information detector. If anyone wants to get found online, he sure has to find a way to enter the top search results.

Traditional SEO used to be based on two things. Proper formatting of the website content so that search engines could understand it, and online recommendations for the website, AKA links. The SEO game was rather easy for the SEO experts although it sounded Greek to anyone else (does that mean that Greek SEO experts had a significant advantage? :D). And then Google decided that SEO was not to be exploited by the experts anymore, and changed its algorithm in a way that the algorithm could now understand the human factor of the owner behind websites. Panda Updates, Penguin Update, EMD Update... What now?

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10 Title Patterns that Stand Out from the RSS Feed Crowd. Plus One…

A Brief Introduction To Titles

There is Tom, the guy who searches, and there is Jerry, the guy who likes to be chased (just like the famous mouse).

Questions to Tom

Do you enjoy TV? And I certainly don't mean the trash and reality kind of TV. Do you enjoy watching a good documentary in television, some thorough presentation about something that you always wanted to know? Something peculiar? Something funny? Do you ever pin yourself to the couch to watch the finals in your favorite sports? Most of us do! Have you ever tried to identify what's so special about this kind of TV shows? I believe that the simple yet complete answer is… I like it, I wanna be there and since I can't let me enjoy it through the window!!! This is what a good TV show is all about, a window to the interesting parts of the world.

But you know what?...