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Identify the Next Pyramid Scam by Using the Google Search Like an SEO Expert

Internet is a gift. It is a two way information channel in the sense that anything posted is strongly filtered and sooner or later all scams are exposed. Whenever someone is to setup the next Pyramid - Ponzi Scheme, he has one more trouble to overcome; internet detectives! Having to deal with this specific problem, the next pyramid strategists have to create many, or let me rephrase that, a tone of articles regarding the next pyramid business model as well as articles explaining how the next pyramid is not a scam but a true and easy source of passive income. Let’s take Rippln for example. Who hasn’t heard about the miraculous social network – mobile app that is going to make a tone of money for the early adopters of the mobile sharing? When searching Google for "Rippln review" or "Rippln scam" (review and scam are the most common words for such searches) you will get articles that are mostly positive about the Rippln phenomenon. This happens just for the aforementioned reason. Rippln headquarters has setup the scenes and filled up the internet with lots of articles supporting their claims.

In this particular post Rippln will serve as a pilot. I won’t get in the process of explaining who the guys behind Rippln are and what is wrong with its business model. Maybe I will do so in another post. Instead I will use Google search results to show that it is highly probable that Rippln is the next mega scam.

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Maximum Twitter with Minimum Effort in 10 Steps

Who this post is for...
This post is for people that want to make the most out of Twitter as a news channel - aggregator around their own interests as well as for those who want to use Twitter as a business promotion tool.

Who this post isn’t for...
This post is not for those who use Twitter as a chat room! They spend hours over their timeline, maybe they have fun, and that’s all for them. They should continue to enjoy engaging in the conversation if this makes them happy.