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Need a Short Url? 4 Best Services to Promote Your Blog Posts!
Andreas Batsis AKA Batcic / Monday, December 13, 2010 / Categories: Inbound Marketing

Need a Short Url? 4 Best Services to Promote Your Blog Posts!

Since sharing appeared on the screen, the need for a dramatic cut in the submitted characters became of immense significance! The continuous social message bombing leaves no time for split attention and everybody nowadays seems to think:

- Don’t give me the whole story, just give me the title and I will decide if I will read further!

Especially the 140 available characters of the ultra successful Twitter have killed every long and descriptive URL in the Social Media Scene. The url shorteners are the new platforms that everybody uses nowadays, in order to obtain a short url. Here are my 4 personal favorites, each for a different reason:

UPDATE June 2017

My personal favorite Su.pr is long gone and Glig.gs is dead!

The Shameless Promoter (Snip.ly)

Well, here is another excellent alternative! Would you like to share content with a short url that allows you to add your own CTA? If yes, you should definitely try Snip.ly. Setup your Call 2 Action in under a minute and check the effectiveness of your snips using the awesome Snip.ly dashboard.

Snip.ly CTAs
Snip.ly Dashboard


The Tsunami (Su.pr)

You want to build traffic? This is definitely your service. Su.pr, the StumbleUpon’s url shortener is a feature rich service that will send massive amounts of traffic to your posts.

Features include:

  1. Great real time analytics that will help you find out the number of clicks, the number of stumbles and the most efficient tweeters.
  2. Suggested posting time based on an algorithm of historical data so that you are able to decide when you will achieve the best results.
  3. One click publishing to Tweeter and Facebook with share scheduling, where you have the option to schedule your post for a particular time in the next two weeks.
  4. Your posts open in the StumbleUpon page, giving your visitors the opportunity to easily like and promote your post to the stumblers community.

George Clooney (bit.ly)

Famous, famous and famous as well! It seems that everybody knows George just like everybody uses Bit.ly.

Features include:

  1. Immediate sharing functionality connecting you with your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  2. History viewer with all the urls that you have shortened with easy access to the info page, title editing and url copying.
  3. Great statistical analytics with information about the number of visitors, the referring sites including the sub-pages and geographical distribution of clicks.
  4. Bit.ly is the most recognized url shortening service. That said, your bit.ly link has great chances to get retweeted according to Hubspot (8 Ways to Not Get ReTweeted, check the #7 graph).
  5. Add the .qr to the end of the generated Bit.ly link, paste the link to your favorite browser and you have your personal QR code, a special barcode to your post! Save the image, send it with email, post it on Facebook and users with QR Scanner (iPhone) or ShopSavvy (Android) will be able to get to your post, the gadget way!!!
  6. Bit.ly Pro which is free, enables users to get their own personal short url.

The Advanced Statistician (Clig.gs)

Using Cli.gs guarantees that you will get the best analytics for your short url named a Clig.

Features include:

  1. Get great real time analytics about almost everything. Everything equals number of visitors, geographical distribution and time distribution of clicks, world map of hits, bot statistics, referrers and social media mentions.
  2. Easy title editing for your clig.
  3. Easy clig custom renaming.
  4. Geotargeting rules that allow you to define the short url’s destination according to the visitors country. This is very handy especially when you want to serve multilingual content!

The Omnipresent (Goo.gl)

The king of the web, Google, could not stay away from the shortening party, and came out with the Goo.gl service.

Features include:

  1. Stability! Google claims to have almost 100% uptime.
  2. Spam detection! Google encourages the url shortener fans to use Goo.gl since they provide alert messages if the target url points to a points to a suspected malware, phishing, or spam website.
  3. Speed! Google claims to have the fastest url shortening service, while converting the short url to the long one.
  4. Analytics that do not expire, with many of the Google Analytics features such as traffic sources, referrers, country distribution, browsers and platforms used.
  5. Oh, let’s not forget that Goo.gl also provides us with a QR code!

I need a short url and I vote for...

Su.pr! Would you like to suggest yours?

P.S.: Grab the QR Code to the article below!


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