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Identify the Next Pyramid Scam by Using the Google Search Like an SEO Expert

Next Pyramid Scam, you won't get away...

Internet is a gift. It is a two way information channel in the sense that anything posted is strongly filtered and sooner or later all scams are exposed. Whenever someone is to setup the next Pyramid - Ponzi Scheme, he has one more trouble to overcome• internet detectives! Having to deal with this specific problem, the next pyramid strategists have to create many, or let me rephrase that, a tone of articles regarding the next pyramid business model as well as articles explaining how the next pyramid is not a scam but a true and easy source of passive income. Let’s take Rippln for example. Who hasn’t heard about the miraculous social network – mobile app that is going to make a tone of money for the early adopters of the mobile sharing? When searching Google for "Rippln review" or "Rippln scam" (review and scam are the most common words for such searches) you will get articles that are mostly positive about the Rippln phenomenon. This happens just for the aforementioned reason. Rippln headquarters has setup the scenes and filled up the internet with lots of articles supporting their claims.

In this particular post Rippln will serve as a pilot. I won’t get in the process of explaining who the guys behind Rippln are and what is wrong with its business model. Maybe I will do so in another post. Instead I will use Google search results to show that it is highly probable that Rippln is the next mega scam.

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Learn Modern SEO by Returning to the High School

How do you detect the human response? It’s really simple. Bring a few, carefully selected, animals with you. A penguin and 25 panda bears will do the job.

Google’s empire was built on the perfection of the Google Search Engine. Fast, reliable, smart search results connecting many petabytes of information, is the concept behind the great success of the colorful information detector. If anyone wants to get found online, he sure has to find a way to enter the top search results.

Traditional SEO used to be based on two things. Proper formatting of the website content so that search engines could understand it, and online recommendations for the website, AKA links. The SEO game was rather easy for the SEO experts although it sounded Greek to anyone else (does that mean that Greek SEO experts had a significant advantage? :D). And then Google decided that SEO was not to be exploited by the experts anymore, and changed its algorithm in a way that the algorithm could now understand the human factor of the owner behind websites. Panda Updates, Penguin Update, EMD Update... What now?

Google Panda Updates
Image 1 - The Panda Update

Well, the fact is that SEO just got easier. It got easier for the good information brokers and harder for the bad ones. This in return yields significantly better search results to the Google user. How do you become a good information broker in the new search engine era? How do you pin your online business to the top? For starters, a good information broker has to deliver quality information. But if you are that good, how do you make the world listen? Learn to write essays!!!


Diversify heavily! Although writing for a book or a school essay is much different than writing for an online audience, the core concept of a good essay still applies. You have to diversify. People don’t want to get bored when reading and Google needs to understand that you are writing for people. When optimizing for a target keyword, stick to the following steps:

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The Mayans Misunderstanding

Since the Doom was canceled once again...

The Mayans Μisunderstanding

Happy Holidays!

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Influential or Influential on Klout? Now you can have both...


The cultural shift is obvious. Anyone with an internet connection has now the ability to escape the guidance and enter the world of his own two-way influence. We get influenced while at the same time we influence other people.



There is web a tool since September 2009 that is used to calculate our influence in the field of social networks. It’s the well known Klout. Till last week, there was a semi-joke semi-truth statement around the internet marketing world, the one mentioned in the beginning. Your Klout score shows how good you really are at... Klout! Not far from the truth. There used to be articles teaching the way to a higher influence score, like influence is a quality that goes up and down! Check it here: 6 Ways to Raise Your Klout Score.

I personally have used Klout a lot, especially when checking the reach of my social content, but to also check many social profiles regarding the type of content, the style, the potential thought leaders etc. I have tested many ways to a higher Klout score, for example light posting vs heavy posting, links vs plain statuses, and the conclusion was always this:

  • You could change your Klout score up and down very easily! (I have managed to increase mine by 5 points in five days)
  • The old Klout score was straight proportional to the number of posts and updates in our social media and less depended on the quality of responses and the general acceptance of our social presence.

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Maximum Twitter with Minimum Effort in 10 Steps

Speed post on the way with lots of info steps. The goal is to setup a Twitter account that will serve as a partner to your business. And remember! A good partner reduces dramatically the amount of work that you do, and never adds to the pile of tasks.

The time could not be better since this particular Twitter announcement (The best of Twitter in your inbox) shows that it is now possible to use the popular social medium to even reach the people’s inbox, no spam involved. So let’s get started! The goal is to find quickly and easily 100 – 150 providers of great content in our industry and use this content to your advantage.

(If you forgot to create a Twitter account, harry up and create one now! This is a prerequisite.)

Twitter Stories & Tweets to your Email

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